Inserting TextLabel into a SurfaceGui

So I’ve done a bit of coding to get information that I’ve inputted to a screen to a surfaceGui on another object but when i click the button to activate the function it doesn’t show on the SurfaceGui even though there was no indication of anything wrong with the script in the output and script review

Here is my Coding:

function OrderStart()
local order = script.Parent.Parent.Order.Text
local player = script.Parent.Parent.PlayerName.Text
local LabelP =“TextLabel”, game.StarterGui.SurfaceGui.Frame.PlayerFrame.PlayerList)
LabelP.Text = player
LabelP.TextScaled = true
local LabelO =“TextLabel”, game.StarterGui.SurfaceGui.Frame.OrderFrame.OrderList)
LabelO.Text = order
LabelO.TextScaled = true

So you’re saying the printing works ?
if so, Maybe you should look in the explorer if the Text instances are truly here

sorry i accidentally kept player.PlayerGui in the coding which was me trying to fix it. I’ve edited it so its the actual code which said it worked.

If you are talking about GUIs then put the script in starterCharacterScripts.
Works every time for me!