InsertService "Protection" should be turned off in studio

If a model is not a trusted asset or owned by the place creator, InsertService will no insert it into the game, saying it failed the trust check. While this may be useful for online servers, it’s just a hindrance in Studio. Earlier today I tried to insert M0RGOTH’s primitive CSG plugin (which is public) with insert service to check it out, and it failed the trust check because I didn’t own it. I was in Studio. This safeguard should not exist in Studio – please remove it. There’s no one to exploit models into Studio with InsertService.

There’s something to be said for maintaining consistency between studio and game servers. If the InsertService check was disabled in studio, developers would be confused about their code only fails in online mode.

Then enable it for plugins/command line. I can’t think of any reason to block it for those two.

Really? I was thinking to myself: “Hm – it’s really difficult to find a good skybox to use for a game. Why don’t I make a set and add skyboxes to it, and while I’m at it, make a module that contains tags for the skybox, the primary and secondary color of the skybox, whether it’s a space skybox or not, etc which can be used by a plugin to search for skyboxes by their color, whether they’re a space skybox or not, or tags. OH WAIT! In order to use said plugin people would have to take every freaking skybox in the set because of that absurd trust check that plugins are restricted by!”

Resolve this please.

If you just need it for plugins and command bar, game:GetObjects() works about the same and doesn’t bother with trust checks (at least I’ve never seen it block something because it’s “untrusted”). This little snippet is almost always in my command bar history:

for _,v in pairs(game:GetObjects("")) do v.Parent = workspace end

Thank you! That’s a life saver, not only for this, but I can also update my plugin that initializes _G.insert() to use that as well so I don’t have to keep taking plugins to test them out :slight_smile: