InsertService:GetCollection() Start parameter

InsertService:GetCollection() can only return a maximum of 200 items. If there are more than 200 items in that set then you’re out of luck. There needs to be a way to start part-way through the collection so that even if the set is > 200 items all of them items can be retrieved. A second parameter of :GetCollection(), start, would allow the specification of where to start in the collection.

InsertService:GetCollection(setId, start)

here is example code that would get all items in a > 200 item set:

function getSetItems(setId, start)
    local items = insertService:GetCollection(setId, start)
    if #items == 200 then
        items = addTable(items, getSetItems((start or 0)+200))

    return items

local items = getSetItems(setId)

Wouldn’t you want (start or 1) because the first item returned is 1, not 0?