Insight into why CameraModule isn't accessible

Why can the developer not play around with the active functions given by the camera module?
For me, simply being able to do CameraController:SetMouseLockOffset(, y, z)) is a lot simpler then the entirety of Camera Manipulation in order to produce an offsetted shift lock.

Any reason why you can’t access it which I’m not aware of?

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What says you can’t? Require the PlayerModule and use the camera retriever method to get the singleton returned by the CameraModule.

“Fixed a bug where the PlayerModule API unintentionally exposed members of CameraModule.”

I already have required the PlayerModule etc, was only recently changed however :frowning_face:

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By recently changed do you mean a few days ago?

I’m using the camera module for a mobile shift lock. Was working fine till a few days ago. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to access the module’s .new() function.

I got it working again by making a copy of the camera module and returning cameraModuleObject variable, but don’t want to rely on this.

I’m just going to build my own module so I can retain the format and hide the ugly code behind it, sort of how the CameraModule does it anyway.