Instrument Builder Needed

Hello, I’m Bylocks! I’m looking to hire a builder to make some low poly instruments. This is a rush order so I’m hoping to get it done by January 31st.

What instruments?

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  1. Violin
  2. Cello
  3. Double Bass
  4. Flute
  5. Clarinet
  6. Saxophone
  7. Trumpet
  8. Electric Guitar
  9. Acoustic Guitar
  10. Piano
  11. Harp
  12. Recorder
  13. Trombone
  14. Ukulele
  15. Banjo
  16. Harmonica
  17. Accordion
  18. Bells

Style and quality?

These are to be low poly instruments. Nothing super fancy, just the instrument, no decoration etc. Something simple, nothing very detailed.


A builder I have been commissioning for a while said they would charge around 50 robux per instrument. However, since this is a rush order I will pay 200 robux per instrument. Equivalent to 3.6k for the whole job.

Contact me

-Discord Bylocks#7571
-Twitter @Bylocks52


That’s quite a lot of instruments that need to be made for less than 1.7 dollars worth of robux.

You might need to up the price to find someone.


I agree, payment is far too low for the conditions.


The price is super low, as oryRBX said it’s not even 2 dollars.

You’re not gonna get anyone to do it with those prices. You need to increase by quite a bit.

I doubt they’re gonna take about 20 minutes to do each one which is what you’re as good as paying for.

Most modelers I know would charge a minimum of around $15 for one of those items.

Some of these instruments, with the same level of detail you want, already exist in the Roblox catalogue. You can import those into Roblox Studio for free. You sure you don’t want to do that?

Thanks guys for all your feedback. I’ve found someone to do however. I will remember to raise my payments next time. I usually just go off what other people I have commissioned and they say it’s a fair price and go with it.

[quote=“Bylocks, post:1, topic:231229”]
I am interested in this.

I can do really simple instruments for you for 500(for all of them).

Discord: Pixel#0005

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