Interesting module script a script my scripter gave

Bascially, one of my scripters gave me their work and I was looking through this and saw this.

It was a mostly empty script called “Fix” but this seemed suspicious. I dont know what modules it is requiring and the names seem weird.

I also found this.

My scripter said he didnt put it there and he never touched it. He said again that the owner of the game put it there (which is unlikely because the owner doesn’t script).

I also noticed the spelling error of “This is an script” which is bad spelling if this is a Roblox Studio Script. If any of you guys can look into this script or should I just delete it.

If you don’t know what it does, and you don’t need it, just delete it. There’s no reason to worry about scripts that you aren’t going to use if you just delete them.

your scripter probably used a free model, that’s a backdoor.

Both scripts are content deleted, i dont think you should really worry about it but for safety remove those lines of code.

Both scripts seems to be uploaded by a guy named “jerkcrybaby” but his profile is also deleted.

Ok I see. Very strange considering that was not who my scripter is. I deleted them anyways.

I have personally seen those scripts before those scripts get placed there by a back door from either a plug-in or free model