Interior Teleport System Question (Like Adopt Me)

Hi all, I was wondering where one would place the interiors for the teleport system? Like would you just move them really far away so the player can’t see it, or would you put each in a different place? Is any of these better for saving lag?

Putting them really far away to the point where you can’t render them unless you’re teleported in them is 1 way you could do it, a game like Fantastic Frontier uses this feature instead of relying on teleportation services

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So basically just place em so far away that you can’t see the ‘exterior’ map. Right?

Would this be far enough? You can barely make out the shape of the original map.

Remember to not go out too far, like no more than 100k max as then you’ll start getting rendering errors. A game called Break Roblox shows this perfectly; though I doubt anyone would put a map that far out anyway.

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Alright, thanks for the heads up. Any ways to measure the distance between these two parts?

Distance from Orgin, simply how far it is from 0,0,0.
Then take the part you want to find and subtract it from the farther object and you’ll find your difference which is the distance between two separate parts.

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Ahh, the position is only 409.004, 62.92, 10795.744, so I should be fine eh?

There wouldn’t be any noticeable problems, so your completely fine in this aspect.

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It’s worth noting that Adopt Me’s map has high walls, and most interiors are fully enclosed, meaning that they probably are loading them a little bit under the map, not very far away.

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So what you are saying here is that basically, if the player can’t see the building, the building will not cause any lag? So in theory I could just place the interiors a bit underneath the map? @Aotrou Also, would streaming enabled have to be on for this to work?

Well the interiors/exteriors are like also unloaded when the player isn’t in the area. These loading cells means that it’s very optimized.

If you don’t have a loading system, moving it very far away doesn’t really help in that regard anyways. It does, a little, but the memory use is still there. Best to unload anything not used (so long as it doesn’t mess with anything).

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Ahh, right. So streaming enabled would be perfect for this ‘unloading’ then. Thanks for the advice!