Intermediate Scripter[For Hire!][OPEN AGAIN!]

About Me

Hi there, I am LadeaCoolGuy2 and I am offering my services as a Intermediate scripter. I don’t have the most experience on Lua compare to how long I was programming in JS, Python, or C#, but I’m always willing to improve.


You can view my assets here:
(8) Chocolate Collecting Simulator - Roblox

(8) Magic Example - Roblox

(8) Trash Collecting Showcase - Roblox

(2) Super Button Survival[OPEN TESTING]! - Roblox

(2) Epic Battles[ALPHA] HUGE UPDATE!!! - Roblox

Note I did not use any free models in any of these games if you think I did.


I can work approx 3 hrs on week ends and 1-2 on week days.


My base price is 100R$.
I only take Robux.
I will first see if I can script the requested item, then I will script the requested item(I will reject the commission if I can’t script the item and I will politely decline your offer).
You will only pay once I scripted the requested item.
Payment is negotiable.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: