InternalServerError on UserOwnsGamepassAsync

Hey guys,
For the past hour or so i’ve been getting an error on every server on my game that is completely game breaking
I tried to investigate but couldnt figure out whats causing it
this is the error im getting:

In every single one of the lines mentioned there seems to be a UserOwnsGamepassAsync request
i’m not sure if thats related to the current memorystore incident but it seems to be completely breaking my game

game link:


This probably has something to do with it, Roblox is currently experiencing bugs.

Hopefully this helps!.

Yeah I saw that, but it seems like no other game is being affected atm
and i’m also not using memorystore anywhere in my game

IMO, seems to be a Roblox sided issue, though you are right it doesn’t seem to be an issue with memorystore as the errors are not related.

ALL ROBLOX GAMES are experiencing this issue

My game is being severely affected by this bug. Hopefully they fix this soon!

it happened again :sob: