Introducing an upcoming project, but will they allow it?

So I’m making this game that is based off the Saw Franchise but it’s more watered down. The concept of is this is a survival puzzle game. As players take the roles of the victims versus the man behind this. Who was responsible for trapping these victims inside these suits. If they win they have to proceed in the next phase, if not they will die in a fatal death. Such as suffocating, being burned, being crushed etc…

The only issue is that this is going to look innocent when my goal is to surprise the viewers.

But is there a way I could make something appropriate for players to enjoy?

honestly this gives me heavy saw vibes
I am not sure if roblox will allow anything too graphic

You should try to make it as little gory as possible, which should be do-able.

According to the Roblox Community Rules, content cannot be excessively violent, so make sure its more like “cartoon violence”.
If you wanted the tone of your game to be darker, though, this might affect that.

Beyond that, you’d probably have to try and compare what you want to do with existing games.

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