Introducing Juggernaut 2.0

5 months ago, i created Juggernaut 1.0, now today, I am releasing Juggernaut 2.0. This is a upgraded version on the the original game, with round system and menu.

Note: This game is currently in beta. If you experienced any bugs, please show me in the comments and i will attend to it.

Here go test the game and give me some feedback

I suggest making the loading a bit easier to understand. Players will join and see buttons in random spots. The description also says you earn points. When I joined, I didn’t see any points even after getting kills in a round. I think this game has potential if you improve a few things!

its in the beta and i will add a gui feature soon. thanks for the feedback

ive made a little update to the game!

i have improved the game mechanics

I found a bug. For some reason the rounds only last 10 seconds, even with multiple players.

irs probaly my testing game but its already fixed. In the future, i will make something lile arsenal