Introducing Mycity!

Hi there!

I would like to introduce my first game: Mycity!

Mycity is a 2.5d city-like game. You can work in different jobs and complete adventures that unlock new content in the game. There are a lot of characters and mechanics!

Currently, there are 5 jobs:

  • Miner
  • Cop
  • Thief
  • Fisher
  • Farmer

Game images:

If you are interested in trying it, here is the game link: Mycity - Roblox

Let me know what you think! :smiley:


Are the game images loading in for everybody or they not loading in for me?

Sorry, they should be loading now

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Very cool! I’m playing it for the first time now, and I admit I got kind of lost- wasn’t sure where the mine was located in the first quest. Thankfully another player in-game helped me find it.

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What would you add to make accessing the mine easier for new players?

WOW! Your game is so cool!
i can list what you can improve here:

What you can improve? (click the arrow)
  • improve lighting
  • improve system
  • improve physics

That’s enough for you! i hope you will complete this game and release it.

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Thank you!

Which parts of the system can be improved?

A guiding arrow or a tutorial.


I’ll starting working on it, thanks!

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This game has so much potential! But one thing that needs to be clarified in the game is what you have to do and your goal. A tutorial would make this game so much better so players actually know what they have to do.

I didn’t know what the jobs did or how to do them, I didn’t know where the mine location was during my quest, etc. But besides that, the game is great. Keep up the great work!


WOW! really good especially for a first game!

with all honesty this could be a front-page game if there was more direction a lot of people just say things like this to be nice, but I mean it I love the build, the style, really interactive and fun environment the UI is super clean to love the cartoony style.
the underground areas are also really cool.

very unique idea for Roblox haven’t seen many games like this. adding some more gameplay like being able to buy a house and decorate it (if you cant already and maybe also pets like adopt me or some kind of system like tha

anyways REALLY good game

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Thank you for your feedback!

There is a building system in the game too!

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v0.0.2a released!

  • You can now see where NPCS/Places are located during an adventure!


sorry for the late reply, anyways, i said you need to improve lighting, physics, system.

system parts:

maybe tweaking the game icon a bit more, plus tweaking the thumbnail
tweaking physics, such as ragdoll, more functions, and more.

it was a late reply, sorry but i was not having free time to respond.
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Nice game!

What I would improve is the navigation in the mines. It is currently hard to see where there is a wall, and where there isn’t one.

Other than that, good job!

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Love the guide path, personally wouldn’t thought of making it like this!

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v0.0.4 released!

  • New adventure released: Indy’s Secret Project!
  • You can now refine crystals!
  • You can now upgrade hoverboards!
    • All hoverboards will now have the same base speed
  • You can now choose which hoverboard will be used when pressing the 1 shortcut
  • You can now move furnitures!
  • Added new shortcuts for build mode:
    • R: Rotate Object
    • M: Move Object
    • Page Up: Change floor (up)
    • Page Down: Change floor (down)
    • P: Paint Object
    • Delete: Delete Object