Introducing myself

print(“Hello world!”)

Hello World!
I am very new to the Roblox development world, so I think I should introduce myself!

My name is newToxic_ALT404, but my real account is Toxic_Productions. I got locked out of my normal alt due to my password manager locking me out, oh well.

My current Roblox occupation is working on a group called World Rail, and we are building a new game to reduce lag.

About my Roblox career

My first account was made back in 2015 when my sister was playing a game, and I created an account to start. I was fairly new to developing, but it was fun regardless. I lost the account due to reasons I am unsure of and made a new account, iiLive_Ly, which got banned.

I’m not too good at scripting, but after reading a few hundred articles, I found some great tips. I am fairly good at Discord Bot Developing, which is my main priority now.

How I found the DevFourm

I found out about it from my good friend @gvtre_and when he got accepted, so I decided to join, but because of an issue, my account is set to under 13.

Anyway, I hope to see many of you in some forms, and become good friends!