Introducing Premium Payouts!

So Premium Payouts is basically like the Tix feature? When a player joins your game you get a ticket, but now It’s if a premium member plays your game a lot you get robux.

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how come it says “Premium playtime Robux earned depends on your Premium playtime score”
but the two don’t match in any way on the graph?


it’s how much premium players play your games other than other games and how much time they stay in your game…

2 players won’t make a difference…

yea but I think the Premium playtime should match up with the Premium playtime Robux earned don’t you think

Got another example of the payout/score correlation making… Absolutely no sense?

To be clear here, i’m not complaining - this has been a really nice boost in income & helps me feel more secure about Roblox being a viable side-career whilst i’m in education but the system does seem to behave quite strangely as illustrated by confused people above.

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So what’s the equation? How many premium members = 1 robux?

If id have to guess, id say they use something like this:

local premiumPayout = Math.random(premiumScore/2, premiumScore*2)

On a more serious note, it has something to do with how many other games said premium player has played. We can never get a definitive answer this way since it all depends on what games the player plays, But yes this is very confusing.

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~50 days have passed and I’m not getting my payout. Whats wrong?


It turns out that I actualy get my payouts, but for some reason the line is not turning solid anymore when payouts are calculated after 28 days like it did before. It’s just stuck at the second of March.


Players using Android will not be able to develop games and will not receive premium payments.

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Where do premium payouts go for group games? The dev or the group?

wow. I now actually make money now.

The Money heads to theDeveloper

Like all other streams of revenue, it goes to the game owner. Meaning, it would go to the group.

Here’s my theory about this…

Premium is calculated from playtime and how much time a premium stays on your game other than others…

Let’s theoretically say that they only stayed and took the egg, and went to other games…

your pay would get lower since premium members are playing other games egg hunt and non-egg hunt games other than yours.

I love this new system!

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Real good update, it’s like when Tix was around you’d get 1 Ticket every time someone joined your game. This is just that, but instead with Robux and also with Premium.

I agree! I don’t know why people are complaining, it’s more robux than they would get if this feature didn’t exist


A couple of questions, what if a premium goes afk, and can a game owner with premium get payout from their own game?

As far as I know AFKing has no effect and you’ll get the same amount as normal. Also I’ve heard of people earning premium payouts from team creating their game so I think you can get payouts from your own game.


For some reason, I have not received my premium payouts from my group game. I have got an email about the premium payouts, but the robux didn’t come on my profile or my group funds. It is not pending either.