Introducing RHook, Easy Roblox-to-Discord Webhooks!

Welcome to RHook!

What is RHook?

RHook is a fast and easy-to-use module for creating and sending data through webhooks to discord!


Download this RBXM (Roblox Model File) and upload it to your game!
RHook.rbxm (1.4 KB)


Create Webhook

local CreateWebhook = require(path_to_module)

CreateWebhook(<string> webhook_url)
  - returns <WebhookObject>


Set Content

<WebhookObject>:setContent(<string> content)

Set Profile

<WebhookObject>:setProfile(<string> username, <string> avatar_url)

Execute Webhook

  - returns <boolean> success
  - returns <any> or <string> if not success

Add Embed

  - returns <EmbedObject>


Set Embed Color

<EmbedObject>:setColor(<integer> color)

Set Embed Title

<EmbedObject>:setTitle(<string> title)

Set Embed Description

<EmbedObject>:setDescription(<string> description)

Set Embed Title URL

<EmbedObject>:setURL(<string> url)

Set Embed Object Author

<EmbedObject>:setAuthor(<string> name, <string> url, <string> icon_url)

Set Embed Timestamp

<EmbedObject>:setTimestamp(<string> timestamp)

Set Embed Footer

<EmbedObject>:setFooter(<string> text, <string> icon_url)

Set Embed Image

<EmbedObject>:setImage(<string> url)

Add Embed Field

<EmbedObject>.addField(<string> field_name, <string> field_value, <boolean> inline)


local CreateWebhook = require(game.ServerStorage.RHook)

local Webhook = CreateWebhook("")

Webhook:setContent("Hello World!")
Webhook:setProfile("My bot!")

local Embed = Webhook.addEmbed()

Embed:setTitle("This is an embed!")
Embed.addField("Embed Name","Embed1")


Expected Output

Just me haha


I would be very wary when using webhooks. Not because this is a virus or anything but because of Discord’s really small API call limit. If you send too much through the webhook, your account might get in trouble for abusing it. Use this only if you’re planning on sending very little data.

Well I suppose so. The thing is, people already make very long webhooks. The point of this module is to help users who are A. new with webhooks or B. looking for a quicker formatting option.

Discord can get very fishy around the use of webhooks and limits with their api. I personally run all my data through my discord bot which uses webhooks to send messages. I love how this is like a replica of MessageEmbed() on discord.js.