Introducing Ro-Tweener! **BETA**

New Ro-Tweener!
A plugin used for Tweening!

This plugin I have seen no one make before, so I decided to make this because I always have to either test play to see my tween or take a few editing it in the script. Now wouldn’t you want an easier way? Well that’s what this plugin is for!

All you have to do is go to (Ro-Tweener)[] and then click Install!

How to use
How to use the Ro-Tweener plugin!

All you have to do is select the part you wanna tween to a certain spot. And then it clones it, then just move your part your tweening to any spot you want and edit the part and the clone to make the tween and you can edit it via the Tween Settings menu that opens.

You can edit the Time, Style, Direction, Repeating, Reverses, Delay and even the values! You can change that empty text box at the bottom, so if I want to change the CFrame and Size of the Part I would add to the text box CFrame, Size like this:
And then you notice that if you have created a new tween then below the button you see some parts for what is going to happen in the tween like this:

How to import the Tween script into your game
If you wanna use your tween in-game and not just studio!

If you want to paste a script into your game to do the tween as the settings and everything, but you don’t wanna keep making scripts to edit the settings use the button called New TweenScript:
And then it will go into the Old Part that isn’t cloned! And then that’s all, the script will be in the game with your settings you added from Tween Settings tab!!!

The end
Ending of this Resource

I understand this was a short tutorial but this is my first plugin and it’s still in beta so new things will be added! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you get any errors in the Output please post them here and I will check to see if I can fix them!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my first plugin showcase (and plugin in general) since I feel this will be super useful for testing and making tweens! NOTE: When you import the script via Create TweenScript you can delete the clone by pressing New Tween! as you wont need it anymore.

Incase the Link isn’t working because moderation use this file instead.
TweenModule.lua (13.4 KB)


Now this is exciting! When tweening literally anything, I find myself trying too many different combinations of easing styles and directions… by repeatedly editing scripts and observing the result after wasting more than enough time waiting for the game to start running.
…and then I see this plugin’s DevForum topic. Finally, a solution for this otherwise extremely slow process, in the form of a plugin. Another victory for the open plugin marketpla-
…well, it was worth a shot. Back to repeatedly editing scripts, I guess.

Ro-Tweener looks like it would’ve been a very useful tool for quick testing of tweens, but… moderated. Because of that, there’s not much we can do with this plugin besides looking at your handful of screenshots. Could you upload the plugin as a file instead?

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Why was it moderated- I did nothing wrong???

Do I just drag my .lua file into the post to then upload it as a normal file btw?

Wait says my ICON was moderated? Why. This is just the icon
Yet again roblox moderation is destroying my life.

Moderation probably decided that your text was nearly unreadable, which is understandable given that I can just barely read “EEN”. You should probably consider giving the text a bit (a lot) more contrast so bots (and humans) can read it. In general, moderation of images containing text is pretty hit-or-miss. Another consideration would be the final font size after being scaled down for thumbnails. If text is hard to read at its original size, it may be entirely unreadable at thumbnail sizes.

So I gotta change the font Iguess?

The font itself should be fine, but you could try increasing the text size and using colors with higher contrast. Alternatively, if you prefer your current choice of colors, you could move the text away from the square so it doesn’t overlap.

This is not art design advice. I am not an artist, but I care about accessibility.

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Are you able to open it now? I used a new one this is it

It still says BLOCKED but I don’t know why :cry:

It’s most likely because “tweener” is usually censored in roblox search - I’d suggest going with a logo without captioning it to avoid unnecessary moderation. :sweat_smile:

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How do I just remove the Icon itself? the size of the icon im using is 512x512

I’m not really sure, though if you can’t really find solutions then I’d suggest re-uploading the module without the image or such. (If you can’t at the urge of finding solutions that is.)

Okay could you tell me if it’s moderated? I edited to a new link


Yup, it’s not moderated anymore - Very helpful plugin by the way! :happy2:

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Thank you so much! This is my first plugin and I always had this issue and I make VFX and I use tweening a lot and my Computer takes a while to run F8 key

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With the moderation issue resolved worked around, I could finally take a real look at the plugin, and…

Plugin works as advertised. UI is simple yet effective. Manipulating the original part and the clone is extremely easy to figure out, but it looks like any changes to the clone don’t apply until you edit the text box again. Probably a bug, but nothing too significant. Perhaps “Reverse” could be replaced with a check box of some sort instead of having the user type true or false. It’s a (mostly) solid plugin with a simple purpose and (mostly) flawless execution. It’s nice to see some simple plugins in the seemingly infinite ocean of Roact and eye-melting UI.

So here’s a major suggestion: GUI tweening. This plugin appears to only work with BaseParts, but the ability to test GUI tweens without playing a game would really help a significant amount of developers/UI designers.

(I need sleep)

Okay, I could do the GUI Tweening system. I can make a mode system that edit’s the GUI depending on the chosen mode. ALSO I suck at making GUI’s do you have any suggestions for the GUI to make it more good appealing on the eye and more fancy, just to add some pizazz to it. And yes I will make a checkbox for the reverse tab! And what do you mean by

Are theres some bugs I shall fix?

Sometimes, it’s better to keep it simple. Clean UI, nothing too fancy. From my neither-artist-nor-UI-designer point of view, the best plugins tend to blend in with the rest of Studio. Anything that sticks out could be very distracting to some developers.
Additionally, as a dark theme user, I keep forgetting light theme is a thing that exists. Studio definitely allows you to dynamically change your UI’s colors depending on the user’s Studio theme, but my sleep-deprived brain is very much unable to point to anything beyond DevHub. It may also help to look at other plugins to figure out how they handle Studio themes.

Well, there’s that thing where…

which may or may not be considered a bug depending on the user. You could make it update the saved values whenever the clone’s properties change, but at this point, it’s far too late for my brain to be able to make sense of any code, so this is where I’ll disappear from DevForum for about half a day.

Good luck with your plugin, and don’t let the bells and whistles consume you! Resist the urge to make everything as flashy as possible! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Cool stuff, but I have some honest criticism:

  1. The plugin icons are mismatched and pixelated, I suggest scaling the play icon in something like and scaling it to 32x32 (standard plugin icon size).

  2. You’re creating the GUI and script in your code… which is going to cause a mess and hinder your ability to work on the plugin in the future. Clone a preexisting one.

  3. You aren’t using modules, which again, will cause a mess

  4. Your post is pretty messy to look at, you should keep everything simple with only a few notes.
    A great example to patch it up is my post, you can refer to that to make it cleaner. Though it’s obviously not perfect lol