Introducing the Game Fund

Hey developers!

Roblox is launching an exciting new partnership program - the Game Fund! We are looking for developers who love to experiment with new technology and want the opportunity to bring their creative vision to life on Roblox.

Starting in July, we will begin accepting applications for the program. Our goal is to partner closely with you to provide funding and support for your content development. Funding for approved participants will start at a minimum of $500,000 per project.

With the launch of the Game Fund, we want new and existing developers to have the resources necessary to build the next generation of Roblox experiences. This program is designed to support developers who are eager to push the boundaries of what Roblox experiences can deliver. Come ready to show off innovative gameplay, ambitious visual designs, and creative ideas that are unlike anything else on the platform!

We will prioritize ideas that encompass:

  • Multiplayer focus
  • Cross-platform, with mobile optimization in mind
  • Social mechanics as key to the experience
  • In-game avatars that reflect elements of the user’s platform avatar identity
  • Ability to leverage ‘Metaverse’ items (i.e., that can be equipped on platform avatars, like the ones you buy in marketplace)

If you are accepted into the program, we will partner with you to define key deliverables for your project and provide funding based off of your progress towards these milestones.

More details on this will be shared with you as you progress through the application process.

Application Requirements

  • Age requirement 18+
  • Details about you and/or your team
  • Short description of your project
  • Pitch deck (high-level strategy, design specifications, etc.)
  • Project milestone schedule and budget

Apply Here

Spots are limited: If you feel like you and your project are a perfect fit for this program, please use the link above to submit your application.

Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis throughout the second half of 2021. If you’re interested but not quite ready to apply, follow this thread for updates, as we will be reviewing applications periodically throughout the year.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you; let’s build something incredible together!

Thank you,
Developer Relations


How do I apply for the program?
  • Follow the application link here to submit your project and start the process.

Do I have to be a studio to qualify?
  • We are accepting applications from solo devs, small teams, and studios. All applicants must be 18 or older.

Do I need to have an existing experience on Roblox before applying?
  • No, any developer is welcome to apply. This includes existing or new Roblox developers, and indie developers/studios who have not yet begun their journey on the platform.

Can I apply with an existing experience?
  • We are looking for any project that will represent the next-generation of Roblox experiences. The ideal project will showcase innovative gameplay designs and ideas that are unlike anything else currently on the platform.

What criteria will Roblox use to determine funding?
  • Applications will go through an internal review process. We are looking for projects with innovative gameplay, ambitious visual designs, and creative ideas that are unlike anything else on the platform.

How will I know if my application is accepted?
  • We will be reviewing and selecting applications on an on-going basis. Our team will email you as you progress through the application process if you have been accepted.

If I am not accepted into the program do I need to reapply?
  • We will be reviewing applications and accepting applicants on a rolling basis throughout the year. You will not need to reapply.

What additional support is provided to participants in the program?
  • Developers and studios participating in the program will get the same support as any top Roblox developer.

If the studio is owned by someone over 18, is it still possible for any of the studio team members to be under 18?
  • Everyone applying to the program needs to be at least 18 years old. If accepted into the program, the developer can have individuals under 18 be part of the development team so long as the developer complies with all applicable laws in engaging minors to work on the project (this will be covered in more detail in the agreement that participants will sign if accepted into the program).

How is this different from the Accelerator Program?
  • The Accelerator program provides lower funding and more availability, in a defined 3-month hands-on program. The amount of funding received is set per individual, regardless of milestones.

    The Game Fund is intended to enable the creation of ambitious, next-gen experiences that are unlike anything else on the platform. Leveraging the experience gained from current and former participants in the Accelerator program, could be valuable for any developers or studios applying to the Game Fund.

P.S. And please give a warm welcome to @mkivtt who will be heading up the Game Fund program!


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MINIMUM of $500,000 USD per PROJECT? I don’t understand how it’s possible to utilize this much funding for a Roblox game.

It’d be genuinely pretty nice to see some completely fresh titles provided with funding of this magnitude.

Hopefully, Roblox chooses the right participants for this program, as projects with such ambitious goals are rarely seen on the platform.


Super cool to see Roblox pushing something like this.


This is actually insane, can’t even imagine the quality of the games with that type of funding. Good luck to anyone applying.


Great to see, it’s often seen that the projects which push the boundaries of Roblox aren’t entirely profitable or go unnoticed. Hopefully this can start to change that and make development of high-risk games more lucrative.


can i work with you on a game

Ok seriously though, how would we utilise the full range of the $500,000 given to us from a pitch, seems very ambitious from Roblox.


I’m excited that Roblox is doing these programs with developers. Hopefully they do this every year so those who are not eligible can do it in the future.


Pretty insane program to have a $500,000 minimum budget. I will be 18 in September, and friend would be 18 in October. When does the program begin? Could we apply now, would we be 18 by the time we potentially start?


I think this is an amazing opportunity for both new and existing developers on the platform. Roblox is providing so many great opportunities and tools, today making a game really isnt as difficult as it used to. Developers can create the game of their imagination without having to worry about a thing, just the game itself. Im excited to see the amazing games that will come to the platform thanks to this program. Good luck to those applying!


A minimum of $500000, holy smokes, that is a ton of money.

Exciting to see the continued push from Roblox towards enormous projects. There is no doubt the platform can support ambitious ideas, building professional teams, and external connections, but it is very difficult to pull off with the limited budget most games have.

My only concern here is that Roblox continues to maintain a focus on the people that make the platform what it is, the once player now creator users who know the platform the best.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the Game Fund.


I suppose Roblox wants some really professionally made games. For an actual, professional game studio, I assume that $500,000 is nothing.


I absolutely love to see this. Ambitious developers and games that truly push the limits of the Roblox engine almost always go unnoticed, sadly. I am hoping that this program will change that. All in all, you have done great with this event- Thank you Mkivtt and Roblox staff for this great opportunity for talented developers. $500,000 is a ton of money for it being per project and I’m excited see what comes from this. Good luck to all applicants.

This is one amazing offer to all the Developers and is the next big step towards pushing the Roblox engine to its limits, as users have already started to do. I love this, and I am sure many others do as well.

The fact they receive this large a budget gets me very excited to see just what the Developer community can push themselves to make. I have already seen some crazy good games out there that push Roblox to its highest limits, as stated above when I said that users have already started pushing the engine to its limits.

What if The Game Fund could make the next most insane Roblox game/showcase? Or maybe the next big front-page game? The games that may come out of this are obviously going to be quite good, due to the sheer budget they have and the expectations they are held to. I, sadly, am unable to apply, due to the fact I am 16 right now- but I will always be excited to see what incredible experiences can come from this program. This is a great way for talented and up and coming developers as well as underappreciated developers and creators to showcase just what they can do in Studio, and that gets me excited, along with countless others.


What an awesome opportunity for developers and studios! Hope to see some really amazing games come out of this program, best of luck for those applying!


This is so cool and an amazing opportunity for us creators, thanks so much :pray: ! Small question, it it something that could be done alongside the Accelerator program? As in, can an Accelerator project also apply for this program?


With 500,000, you could do nearly anything. I know many games that are very good but have little players because they don’t have enough to get players. With that amount of money it will be able to help developers and players find new games and genres. This is amazing roblox!!


Although I am currently planning a huge project right now that would suit this program, with fancy graphics and the quality/storyline of a high quality non-roblox game, I unfortunately am not over 18 and would not be able to utilise this program.

I look forward to see how it goes and what is created with it though! $500,000 is a lot of money and could create exactly what I’m wanting to work on, just with extremely high quality.

And responding to replies, yes, $500,000 can be spent, commissions & freelancing, e.g logos can cost a ton, this will bring extremely high-quality games to the platform.


What is the main difference between this and the Accelerator Program? Why should people apply for the Accelerator Program when they can enter the Game Fund, are they not essentially the same thing?


Taking a look at the application requirements, I’m going to assume this is more directed towards people that want to build very large scale teams and take on projects that the platform hasn’t seen successfully completed before.


Hello Hayden,

To quickly answer you, the application requires to be 18+ so you can wait until you get to the age of 18 but only apply after, spots are limited so applying in October/September might be a bit too late.

Good luck