Introducing the Translator Portal

Calling all Translators (and Developers!)

We are excited to introduce a brand new feature for translators: our Translator Portal!

Translators now have one unified space where they can:

  1. Access all games that they have been given translator permissions
  2. View translation progress of a game for a designated language
  3. Download their own translator reports

For each game, you will be able to view the translation progress for the designated language as well as jump straight into the Manage Translations page using the Translate button. If a Developer has not added the language that you are viewing, the portal will indicate that it is not supported for the game and the Translate button will be unavailable.

In Translator reports, you will see:

  • Overall game translation status for every language identified by the developer
  • Per language translated word count & entry count for reporting period and year-to-date

To access this portal, navigate to the Create page and select Translator Portal from the left panel. You can also directly go to: Roblox.

Developers no longer have to directly share a link with Translators as this list will automatically update when Translators have been given permissions to a game.

Hope this feature improves workflows and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


Thank you for this change.

Quick question:
We can add a group to help translate, but can we specify a specific group rank

Group ranks:

  • Member
  • Translator
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Owner

Would there be a way to only allow translations to Translators, Devs and the Owner; or at the very least: Translator through Owner.


Yes, you can specify permissions for certain rolesets. Check out this post for more details: Localization Tool Suite Update


This seems to be a common pitfall with features like these (also happened to “game access permissions”): It seems like anyone can invite any group/user as a translator without the user approving or denying games, so the translator portal is full of random games which clutters the view.

For example, here’s the start of my view on the translator portal:

I have no clue what these games are, it’s all junk that I didn’t consent to being added to as translator. Seems like they just happened to invite some random groups I’m in.

Are there plans to fix this? Otherwise it is hard to get a good overview on games.


When I visit the portal, I’m given a ton of games to translate;

However, I have never heard of any of these and do not wish these to show up in my portal. I have not been asked to be added as a translator to these games, as all translator invitations are automatically accepted.

There is no way to remove myself as a translator from any of these games either. The portal would be a great resource if it comes with the right permissions and access control, but currently only functions as a flooded page that I would rather avoid.


I checked the portal and have a few random games on it that I have never interacted with but they appear to be from a group I am in. How can I get rid of these or stop this from happening, I imagine someone could put false translations for these games and mess it up.


Thank you guys for the feedback! We are currently working on a way to filter out unwanted games from your translator portal.


I remember asking for that at the 2nd keynote session about the translation portal and I’m very happy that this was added! Shows that you guys really care to bring the world together. Thank you very much!!


I’m really annoyed with this translator portal, users can just spam me with translator and I didn’t accept a invite or have a way to remove it, Adding to the fact that you can send groups wide, all 30k can get spammed with that at the same time? This needs to be changed now.


The translation portal is got enough for me, but I see it is missing some languages, like if I will help translate games I would really like to find the language Norwegian.

Nvm found it, but it is written wrong, it is “Norwegian Bokmål” or just Norwegian


Hoping this’ll get fixed for everyone. When I start actually working on games and translating them a little.

I think the filter should have the ability to choose which groups we get translation requests from. So for example, I can get translation requests from The Noob Group, but not from Roblox Squad.
EDIT: What I’m trying to say is: We should have a filter allowing us to choose certain groups we want to get for the translation portal.


I noticed one thing at the Translator Portal. At the list of languages Norwegian is just titled “Bokmal”. Although the Norwegian written language is splitted in Bokmål (Bokmal, as you’d spell it) and Nynorsk, I don’t feel this is right. For the accuracy perhaps call it Norwegian Bokmal instead?

I know the terms Bokmal and Norwegian Bokmal is both used, but having this changed to Norwegian Bokmal would’ve been great.


In my country (Norway) we both write and say Bokmal and Nynorsk (Bokmål & Nynorsk). Some people may want to have the bokmal for their game, while other may have Nynorsk.

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I’m Norwegian myself so I’m well aware. But I assume they only want to support Bokmal in first place? Anyways, since there’s a bunch of languages in the list it’s way more convenient to name it Norwegian Bokmal and Norwegian Nynorsk (should it ever get supported).

I cant seem to search my own game up, dispite owning it- same goes for my Username, which should have my game listed.

Side Note:
I think a community feature like this would be a nice addition, people would be able to search through languages to find games that are translated in those languages.


I tried to search an game to translate, and I only got an Botted and Spammed game, I hope It will get fixed soon.


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Same hereabouts! I have some random games since this was released, thought Badimo asked me to translate some bad game, then 3 weeks passed, this DevForum post was released (I am in the ROBLOX Beta Tester Programs, got this early) then saw this post and realized that it was some person that asked the whole Badimo group for help.


Are all languages supported? Or is it only a few selected languages?

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All languages support the translator hub.

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Very useful feature but I find the placement of the “Translator Portal” on the creator page odd. It should be a tab most likely called “My Translations”. It should also be embedded into the tab itself. This would make it easier to find and inspected by new players. This would encourage more use of the translations making the game easier for those who don’t speak the games native language. Ultimately increasing the amount of players on games. A visual of what this would look like;