Introduction of the International Category!


Awesome! Glad to see that Roblox is opening up to a more diverse selection of players/developers!



(meaning support for Turkish language addition :slight_smile: )


I’ve noticed there’s currently only a section for Spanish, can we please get a section for French?
Merci beaucoup :slight_smile:


That would be が instead of は since Ha(wa) is used to start something new/out of topic :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah hopefully they add Japanese too!


Ich bin ein kuchen


Cool, is international category public or private?


I thought は would work because if you say your name you would use は to connect なまえ to your name. I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip. :grin:


Good to see Roblox Branching off from the USA, good stuff.


I love it! Now that Roblox is releasing its localization tools for international players, a category for international developers is exactly what was needed.


Das ist gut.


Hope to see a baguette category soon :grin:


a fellow baguette lover


im a baguette lover too


Seeing this section makes me a bit nervous. I have a feeling it won’t be long until non-English speakers will be on the forum, and I barely understand Spanish, let alone any of the other fairly popular languages. Or… I could just be paranoid because of scripting languages being in English for global variables, the wiki being in English only, and studio (and plugins) being in English only.


Could we get a translate feature for the fourms anytime soon?


Merci beaucoup! (Je ne parle pas espagnol, d’accord?)


Bonjour, baguette ensemble!







Edit the settings, it’ll automatically pop up a translation when you select text.