Introduction thread for new forum members

Hi, I’m Scar,

I’ve been playing Roblox since '08 and first found out about in in '07 when my brother was playing a hotel game which looked really interesting. I first started developing on Roblox when a person made a bet with me back in '13 about making a café (I think that’s what it was), anyways, I then started with a BC-Only café and then went on to create free models that the public could use to create their own (that being said, my models sold hundreds of copies daily and then the genre just blew up; however, I stopped doing things related to this a year later and started working on actual projects.)

I am currently working on a game which is loosely based off of Star Wars: Battlefront because the game has always been really fun, but I think it had major flaws which make the game unplayable, so why not recreate it here? Submitted an early test of the gun mechanics and UI and it got me to where I am now.

I am a Programmer, UI Designer, Builder, and Graphic Designer (specifically line art for things like sprites)

It’s great to be accepted and I hope to further my development skills from where I am now, along with help the community with a lot of passion and drive. Also much thanks to @TheGuyWithAShortName for supporting me on my ventures as a developer, I wouldn’t be here without him.



How did you find Roblox?
My Best Friend @Sathopian.

How did you get started with development on the Roblox platform?
My Best Friend @Sathopian invited me to make a game with him as a builder on 12/25/2015

Current goals/achievements on the platform
Make a Successful Front Page Game.
Delivering a message to every Roblox User possible that Free Robux is a Scam and NEVER ever ever tell anyone your Password and also use 2-Step-Verification.
Teach others how to Program in RBLX_Lua and Make a Successful Game on Roblox via my Youtube Chanel.

What is your role in the developer community? (eg. GFX, UI Designer, Programmer, Builder etc)
Primary Role: Programmer
Secondary Role: Builder, GFX, UI Designer
(I am currently a Solo Game Developer, which means I do/make everything needed for a game to be completed)

Anything else you would like to include?
I applied a long time ago and being accepted is a wonderful feeling to have from time to time,
I have found many bugs/glitches while Developing and would like to report them but can’t, and now I still can’t because I am a “Basic User”, I’ll just wait for the 6 month trial to end I guess that’s the only thing anyone can do at this point.

Also if you type my name RuizuKun_Dev in Roblox Chat the text is filtered so maybe someone can do something about it?

With that said, Thank you for having me here and Have Fun Developing!

Sincerely , RuizuKun_Dev


Hey everyone!

I’m Baloomi and I’ve been playing Roblox since 2009.
I’ve started making games in 2014. Everything was a self-learning process.
My point was to do it for fun, but when DevEx was introduced I felt I had an opportunity and I went for it.
I develop games solo, but I’m not amazing in any skill involved in game development. Let’s say I’m decent.

Since I reached my goal of getting into DevEx it’s just the matter to keep aiming higher for me.


Welcome everyone!


Welcome guys, enjoy your stay!



Welcome everyone!!! Glad to have you here! :smiley:


Hey guys, I’m AGavent! I found Roblox through an advertisment back in 2011, and I started development not long after on my original account, AwsomeGavent. I would later switch to AwesomeGavent, which is the account I’ve since re-named and currently use. My current goal is to join a dev team for a major game. My role in the community is Builder.


Greetings Everyone! I am TakeoHonorable! I started playing Roblox around the year of 2012. I also explored the catalog for gear, which really caught my interest, since I discovered gear in the catalog, I’ve been a major gear guru experimenting and creating new ones. I’ve self-taught myself Roblox lua for +1.5 years. I am still striving to develop a good game that makes gear great again! :grinning:





Hello! My name is Genstar (Genstar_RBLX) and I am glad to finally be a member of the Devforums! Thank you for inviting me!

-How did you find Roblox?:
I found Roblox a long, long time ago when I was searching around for cool online virtual world games. It caught my attention more than any other one. I played games like Nintendo Minigames and such on Roblox for a long while, and eventually I began to build!

-How did you get started with development on the Roblox platform?:
At first, I wasn’t very good. Like most people, I used free models, toolbox decals, bad terrain, etc. To get assistance, I looked towards my old friend, Herothepizzabandit. She was pretty darn good at building at the time, and showed me quite a few good building tricks. From there, I only improved.

-Current goals/achievements on the platform:
My main goal is to learn scripting and finally create my own game, all by myself. However, I’ll have to put that on hiatus, as I am currently working with Phenite to construct Roblox Odyssey!

-What is your role in the developer community? (eg. GFX, UI Designer, Programmer, Builder etc):
If you couldn’t already tell, I am a builder. I’ve spent years improving on my building skills, and although I’m not the best, I think I’m very skilled and up on one of the higher rungs of the builder ladder. I’ve still got some skills to achieve, and a lot of building to prove my worth, although I do have plenty currently to show!

-Anything else you would like to include:
I’m a Nintendo fanboy. I don’t really have a persona, but I’ve made a pretty good oc out of my Robloxian. There’s not much else I think I need to say.

Thanks again!


Greetings! I, Operatik, am content with that I’m finally a part of the DevForums.

So, it was a long time ago, about late 2011 to mid 2012, I was randomly typing keywords searching random contents that exist. Well, interestingly, I slipped and typed ‘robox’ and somehow found ROBLOX. Building was the first thing that caught my attention until I actually found the potential of what ROBLOX can do.

The very first way I started building was using the old default ROBLOX tools. I could construct extremely large and generic buildings with the tools… until I forgot to save eventually. About a year later, ROBLOX Studio 2013 introduced more dynamic building and more tools to test for me. Improvements were growing automatically on trial and error.

The current goal is to add upp more development skills, or eventually create a game by myself. Sounds too ambitious to accomplish, right?

At the very first, I was a builder. Now my skills has been varied or combined. Instead of sticking to one role, I decide to be a developer with multiple skills combined. It’s not that difficult as it sounds, but still takes time to learn them. In current situation, I’m now a builder, GFX, scripter(programmer?), mesh creator. Confirmed a builder. Other skills are barely visible.


“Any situations I get, I always remain neutral.”
– Operatik



Welcome to the community! Can’t wait to see you around the forum!


Heya! I’m Flamingles.
I started on Roblox way back in the day and officially came back at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, playing with my friends. Later that year I created some of my first scripted games, and went on in 2017 to fully learn the basics of GFX, scripting, and LUA. I mainly focus on lighting work, aesthetics, music, and all the creative work a game requires, including some complex scripts and builds.
Some of my notable work is on The Crash, The Dopamine Effect, the group Hacker Roleplay and Roblox User Society, as well as some mini-projects.
I love to spend time around the Roblox community and discover it more, as well as have my influence and say in it. I hope the DevForum will be able to help me provide this platform, due to the fact that a year ago, I never even dreamt of this opportunity, and yet here it is.
Cya around! Keep flamingling, my guys.


Hello, people on the forum! I want to give a quick introduction since most of you don’t know who I am.

I am MarcusDeving. Joined Roblox in 2012. It was 2-3 years after, I was making an attempt to make a game on this platform, think I’d be 12-13 then. I began working on a small building for the map of horse valley for my brother since then I’ve constantly been working with SirMing.
Slowly I’ve begun to learn how to design game maps and etc. Although after a while my most interest went to modeling in another program, blender to then export those projects to roblox.

I’m excited to be apart of this forum. If you need help with modeling in blender, having difficulties. I will try to be available at some point:)


I found It when I was bored surfing on the web during halloween of 2012, I started since the stamp tool was around, To get a million place visits, I am a builder and a artist. I am a cool kid with cool memes :sunglasses:



Welcome, everyone!!



Thanks B


Hello. I’m On_Edge, although you can call me Nick. I’ve recently been invited to the forum.
I joined ROBLOX in May of 2014. I was thoroughly introduced by my cousin who still plays today, Off_Edge.
I started the development field in ROBLOX early 2017 starting off as a rookie builder. Although I wasn’t very good at building, I did enjoy the feeling of creating on this amazing, interactive platform. I started focusing on my focused specialty, graphic designs mid 2017.
My goal while being in this great forum, is to help the forum thrive as well to prosper as a developer and receive amazing advice from all these very talented developers.

I just wanted to say I’m very happy to be here and I’m estatic to see what the future brings.


Welcome to the community! I’m glad to see how enthusiastic you are about joining the developer forum. :slight_smile:


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: