Invalid argument #3 (Vector3 expected, got Instance)

So i made a script and error show it:
explo.Position = model.PrimaryPart

Change it to

explo.Position = model.PrimaryPart.Position

Now it loops as: attempt to index nil with ‘Position’

It’s either that your explo is nil or your model has no PrimaryPart

Ensure that the model has a PrimaryPart defined – you can do this while editing by clicking on the Model → Going into its “Properties” (which can be enabled via the “View” tab at the top left of the screen) → Selecting “PrimaryPart”, then clicking on the Part inside of the Model that will act as the PrimaryPart.

Edit: Chances are it already has a PrimaryPart, though, since the original error in the title of this topic mentioned that it got an Instance. It is likely related to “explo”, instead.

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Does ur model has a primarypart tho :flushed:

Yes of course it has before problem

Then it’s likely that explo doesn’t exist and so it’s trying to get the position nil, double check your code

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