Invalid use of '%' in replacement string string.gsub

I am trying to replace magic characters with magic characters.
Or more specifically, parentheses with curly brackets.

But for some reason, I keep getting this error: invalid use of ‘%’ in replacement string.

I can’t seem to find a solution to this.

local x = "(hi)"
local y = "{hi}"
x = x:gsub("%(", "%{")
y = y:gsub("%{", "%(")
x = x:gsub("%)", "%}")
y = y:gsub("%}", "%)")

Could someone help me fix this problem?

I figured it out. Just put % twice.

local x = "(hi)"
local y = "{hi}"
x = x:gsub("%%(", "%%{")
y = y:gsub("%%{", "%%(")
x = x:gsub("%%)", "%%}")
y = y:gsub("%%}", "%%)")

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