Inventory system item cap

I have recently been working on an inventory script, however I do not know how much the item cap should be.

The primary weapon limit will be 1.
The secondary weapon limit will be 1.
The medical item limit will be around 1-2.
The miscellaneous item limit is currently undecided. (Miscellaneous items are items other than specified above.)

Medical item limit
  • 1 item
  • 2 items
  • More than 2 items

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Miscellaneous item limit
  • 2 items
  • 3 items
  • More than 3 items (unlikely)

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Thanks for voting.

Are there examples of what Miscellaneous items could be? Your description is quite vauge.

If miscs are something like grenades, then yeah, 2.

Miscellaneous items are things like grenades, keycards, vests etc.

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sorry but i have to know the game genre to answer(really sorry) but im starting to think that the game genre is fps