Investment opportunity! [Ninja Training Simulator.]

About us

Hello there! We at Diamond Studios are currently creating a game going by the name “Ninja Training Simulator”. It will be a simulator game where players harness their individual skills like chakra and swordsmanship.

The Team

@XXXF4H4NXXX - Project Leader // UI Designer
@username - Investor
@Christian E.S - Main Builder
@Kyuri - Animator
@Blanc - Modeler

Progress so far

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Information. --------------------
-We will be taking minimum investments of 25,000 Robux, and maximum of 50,000 Robux per investor
-We will not accept more than three investors.
-Investors will be entitled to 10% of the game revenue, and will be given their original investments back, along with a 20% bonus.

Contact Us

You can contact us via discord at: Fahanxoxo#3065
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi XXXF4H4NXXX, I like your Ninja Training Simulator idea and I see that you have made some decent progress so far, however I have a few comments and questions. Personally, I don’t think you really need any investment for your game, with a 6 person strong team like you have, you should easily be able to complete your game without investment.

It is not clear to be why you need the investment, and what exactly the investments will be used for. Is it for development support, advertisements etc ? You mention that investors will be given their original investment back, but how can you guarantee that?

You will be financially better if you do not ask for investment, but just complete the game as a team and publish it. You should generate some cash flow, without the burden of having to repay investors and giving each investor a 10% return of revenue.

You appear to be a competent team, so just be confident and go for it! You got nothing to lose really. :grinning:

I hope you appreciate my comments and give them some thought. Thank you.


I would love a gane link too. I would like to see how the main game is going.


Please provide a game link, also add more images s owe can see more about your game.
A few weapons and one map shot doesn’t provide us the information we need.
Good luck.

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The investment is mainly for paying more developers and advertisement(which can be handled later on). Also, like you said, it is my first real, solid project and i want it to be as good as it can be. As you can see, our team does not have a scripter, which in my opinion, is the most crucial part of a development crew. Also, we need investment for things like getting thumbnails/icons made and a few other small assets which my current team is not capable of doing.

How will i guarantee your complete payback you ask? Well, after the game is released, which shall be very soon, we will pay you back your money within 2 weeks. If your amount is not achieved by in-game profits, we shall repay you using our own balance. Also, if you are not still convinced, you can pay 20% of the payment before the alpha launches and if you see growth and potential, you may proceed to the remaining investment. I hope that clears that up and thanks for your feedback. Feel free to ask any more questions.

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We are going to be remotely adding each asset to our game and till then we cannot give you a game link but expect that very soon because we are planning to release alpha by the 25th of this month!

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Then explain more about your game, you give little no description of what your game is about. Saying, “ninja game” wont get people interested. You need to persuade the investor to invest in your game.


So the investor is getting 30%?

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Our game is called Ninja Training simulator. In this game, you train your chakra, ninjutsu and you swordmanship abilities. People can fight other players and buy new weapons using the ninjutsu they’ve gained. This game is much like Yin and Yang ninja assassin but better. I don’t really know how else to put it.

Keeping it short and sweet. In terms of investment returns and actual terms, very confusing. You have a range on investment? You understand that’s very futile and unattractive to those who actually want to profit? 3 investors max? Is that just because collaboration will be hard with more than 3 investors, no need at all to cap interest especially when you have none (since you posted this).

In terms of gameplay content, it is always a horrible idea not to show any gameplay. It’s great you have some models and a ninja dojo to show but realistically this means nothing. At this point, we are investing into more of an idea than an actual game, either develop further or consider explaining better than a training simulator. What’s your plan for monetization? Gameplay updates? How will you benefit to us and why can’t we just take your idea and produce it on our own? What do you offer to the table in terms of us investing into you.

Sorry but i’ll have to hightly insist on what @FaithDoesntLie said, Considering there are no coder, i’ll assume that YOU are the coder, therefore i don’t see the issue why you wouldn’t expose your work, your best bet to not get anything stolen is just a Video and not the game link,

(if you don’t show anything due to a original concept you wanna hide from us, then please provide another interesting part of the game)

By the way, we don’t see any UIs either, which means 0 of the works exposed are none of your creations ?

I do not understand how you assumed that I am the programmer since it clearly shows that I am not and therefore we don’t have any gameplay OR videos showcasing them because a scripter is the person who does them. That is why we need the investment. And in terms of UI, same thing, no one to program them into the game. Also, you’re saying that you’re insisting on what @FaithDoesntLie said. How is anything you said is in correlation to what he said? ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Ah, my bad, i shouldn’t say it that way, my english is not that good afterall. the “Coder” is the one making assets active and functionnable, therefore a major impact on the “Gameplay”

You could actually get a investor without it regardless, but take in mind that alot of project seek a investor, therefore turns you into a competition to get someone that trust you, you’ll probably fall to low/medium tier in potential, hence the reason to showoff more than the current.

Indeed i shouldn’t have done this and should have read your second post correctly, my apologies.

The reason why i assumed it is because in the main post, There is no empty Scripter slot, which is missing on your project while the INVESTOR one actually exists as empty.

Hence i concluded the Team was Full, Take in mind that in “Information”, all you mentions are

in your introduction, you NEVER mentionned the investment was for a Scripter
If you didn’t know, some people asks for investment solely for advertisement, the lacks of information leads to think that was also all you needed.

This justification isn’t meant to take you down, but investors are people that need more than just a trust, sometimes only results means something, which is why you have to look apart from the regular offers.

I think what XXXf4H what trying to say is that I mention more investor orientated topics while you focused a lot on what XXf4HN brings to the table (which was my last point). Whatsoever theres a lot of problems with this bid and if you ever want help formatting a formal bid, just dm me.

I see, well, i apologize for the shallow post and i’ll try to make something more informative and formal. Thanks for the critique, and good day.

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