Invisible part that casts shadows

Is it possible to create an invisible part that still casts shadows? Normally parts stop casting shadows when their transparency is more than 0.75, but I was wondering if there is any way to get around that. I have searched the DevForum and this question has been asked, but I haven’t found any real answers.

Transparent bricks on the other hand can cast a shadow but only with a transparency value of 0.75 or less. This is likely done to prevent entirely transparent bricks, such as invisible in-game borders, from casting an unwanted shadow. Unfortunately it also means fully transparent bricks can’t be utilised to create the shadow effect you’re looking for.

I would do that, but CastShadow doesn’t do anything it the part has more than 0.75 transparency. It just doesn’t cast a shadow at all, even if CastShadow is true.

EDIT: nevermind, just saw your edit.

I advise that you search it up before posting as there is already a post that explains why you can’t.

What post says you can’t? I did search, and the only 2 methods I found would not work for what I’m doing.

Yes, you can turn that feature on in properties.

There is the cast shadow box there! Hope it helps.


That doesn’t work as your not able to cast a shadow with any part with a transparency more than 0.75.

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I don’t think it’s possible to do this. Why do you want this?