Invisible player walks into a certain region which should make them visible

Hello, I have been trying to make something in which if a player is invisible, they will remain invisible until they walk into a certain region, but when they walk out of the region they are visible. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution for this. If you can give me a solution that would be a big help, thanks.

You can use Region3 to detect when a player is in a certain region with the FindPartsInRegion3() method. Then you can use a for loop to iterate through the player and turn all the part’s transparencies to 1.


How about when the player leaves?

Upon checking the players in the region you could store them in a table (players to make invisible). When you check again, if any of the players from the old table are missing from the new table, make those players parts visible by looping through their character and setting their parts transparency to 0

Make sure to utilize GetPartsInRegion3 as he posted above to get the players.


Ah I was thinking about that, I’ll keep that up for grabs.