iOS doesn't clear TeleportData between sessions

This bug is identical to the one we discovered happening a few months ago in the Windows 10 app. I don’t know if this is a new bug or has persisted since then, as we just ported to mobile recently.

Now that we support mobile, I’ve discovered iOS is doing the same thing (which means potentially android & xbox are as well?)

The Bug & Repro:

  • Join a game that uses TeleportData. Teleport somewhere.
  • Quit the game and join another game
  • Your TeleportData from your previous teleport will persist and be visible to any game until you perform another teleport

To help demonstrate this, I’ve setup a place that will print your TeleportData when you join:

Here is what I see after joining the game directly from the app. My old TeleportData (which is a table) is still linked to my player.


We’re aware of this issue and plan to switch on the fix within the next week. Keep an eye out.