Is 200k instances too much

4000 parts but 200k instances for a detailed but small headquarters office building. Is this too much and how could I optimize since I want to place it within a larger game.


What are these 200k instances? If only 4000 of them are parts then I can’t imagine what the other 196k are.


Instances or Part counts (or any count of any primitive or asset) doesn’t provide any actual useful information to base on how performance-friendly your game is.

What you should actually use is Memory Use in your dev console at run-time.

Is 200k a lot? Probably? But it might not be, depending on a wealth of variables, so we can’t accurately say yes or no.


It’s not really that much compared to some places I’ve seen, but if you do want to optimize it remove excess welds, particles, attachments, and similar objects. Make sure that - if you used free models - there aren’t viruses in it, considering 200k is large for only 4k parts.


this was all a mistake, it wasnt at 200k instances. it was at 7.1k and it was originally read incorrectly by one of the builders.

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