Is 216,000 Studs map too long for a driving game?

I’m now making a racing or simulator? Nevermind, I’m making a game. There are tons of players delivering the goods to the same customer. And it’s far away. The game name is “Massive Delivery”.

Now I’'m thinking that making a map that long may cause some player’s pc is unable to play it or making players to rage when they crashed their trucks.

Players can recover their truck once. If you break your truck twice, then you are disqualified.

I planned to map to me 216,000 Studs long. How I calculate: 60 studs/s * 3600 seconds
Which means that you have to drive at 60 studs/s for an hour.

I’m talking about length, there is only road some road side decorations, that’s it.

The Max player is 50 players.

Suggest map length poll:
Your suggest length for the map = 216,000/Your Number

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216K studs for both X and Y? That’s really big and that game would take so long to load. And if you don’t have a computer with i9 10900K on it (single core clock matters in this case), it will take so long to create too.

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The map is pretty slim, since players have to run in the same road.

Hmm. Still too long in my opinion. You can consider a circular map maybe?

Hmm, what circular map? You mean like a racetrack like nascar?

Yes, a race track basically. But if you’ll make the map really detailed and make it like a showcase, you should use a smaller map.

I’m not making it very detailed, there is only a few parts in every models in the game except the trucks.
Btw, since the goal is to deliver the goods not racing.

Oh, no idea then. I’d use a 45k × 20k map at max.

I don’t need that wide, I can make it very slim. about 250 studs.
After I see the poll result, I have realized that 216,000 studs long track is pretty long.

I decreased the length to 108,000 studs, I tested to reach the edge. there wasn’t anything glitchy.

Maybe you should also consider other less cpu heavy alternatives instead of simply making a really long map. For instance you could have short segments of the map loading in and moving in the opposite direction to the truck to create an illusion of movement. If you need physics in your game then you could consider loading in short segments of the map on the client side as needed but have the truck still driving forward.

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If you worry about perfomance, worry not, there are a ton of ways to optimize huge maps, some huge maps use “blueprints”,
simply a Vector3 position that tells where a building needs to be placed, if you get near a building gets loading in/unloaded from ReplicatedStorage for example,
you can add additional stuff for keeping colors, textures, etc,
or you could make things partially procedurally generated using perlin noise and a seed
(using the same seed will generate the exact same thing for every player in every server and save tons of memory).

This is how I handle large maps, if implemented well, can do wonders, does not even need that much advanced scripting.

It can go two different ways leading to your conclusion. Some questions you may have to ask yourself are

  • Whats my intended audience
  • What kind of devices will my intended audience have
  • Etc…
    Because if your audience has potato computers I think a map that big isn’t worth it. But if the overwhelming majority of your audience has insane computers that are very powerful, then the map might not be that big of a deal.

I hope this helps.

As long as its 216,000 in one dimension and < 500 in the other and you use streaming there shouldn’t be a lag problem. But driving for an hour is incredibly boring. You should probably break it up into separate levels and use teleport service to put the levels in different places.

What about turning on StreamingEnabled?

No idea how that works. (30 chars)

Edit: I looked into it and it can be useful actually.


So while on Roblox we cannot really say how much lag will occur. Mainly because of your asset count won’t really be known. So a game the size of jailbreak is roughly 4 rows for 4 and a half in the row with the base plate made to it’s largest sizes around 2.4K. We can also use game’s like this to see how much lag occurs at a certain x and z along your plane aka your base.


So my thoughts are keep in under 15K for a large open map with hardly any buildings or assets. But if you do choose to use a lot of assets try and keep it under 7K. Keep in mind the larger and more assets you add the more lag it is there for the less players can play because not everyone has a high end gaming system computer/console/vr/mobile/tablet/etc.

The map size is doable if you have it where the client side only renders in certain parts of the map at a time.

I have experience with high part counts. I can tell you firsthand that even with streaming enabled, your players will have extremely high ping.

This is because the server’s memory is eaten up no matter what.
Please don’t make such a large map, your players will have a very unenjoyable experience.

The map center is 0,0,0 so it does not cross that physics-breaking barrier if I use 108,000 Studs long map.