Is an anarchy game possible?

What I want to achieve is a game of anarchy. No rules inside the game. Exploits can be used, tools can be abused, players can do whatever they want.

The obvious limitations are that I can’t break the Terms of Service nor the Community Rules while creating or maintaining this game, which I understand. However, is this said game even possible? Would I be punished as the developer?

This kind of game sounds like a dangerous idea for Roblox. It seems to me like things wouldn’t take long to get out of hand, and pose risk for you as the “innocent” creator.

I would avoid making a game like this.

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Yeah… not a very good idea because a lot of roblox’s users are 13> and also with all the anarchy going on now… and parents might not allow their kids to play roblox any more if they see them playing that and that is not what roblox wants.

[not what you wanted to hear lol]

Yeah no you can’t make a game that allows/promotes exploiting on ROBLOX. You can make an anarchy simulator (not like a ROBLOX simulator), where it’s a big city where people can blow up buildings and such, and after a while the map gets reset.

It wouldn’t be the best idea, if exploits are allowed, users can abuse their power to put unfiltered content into a game (uncensored music/innapropriate decals.)

Exploiting isn’t allowed and no rules maybe aka meaning you will remove the chat filter. This game would get banned in under a few hours.

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