Is an Educational Anti-Drug/Vape Game against TOS?

Would an educational game about the dangers of drug abuse be okay TOS wise? I had an idea where it places the player in different situations like at school, and someone offers them drugs and they have to choose the right dialogue after an NPC tells them how to react to situations where people offer vape pens, cigars, or drugs. It wouldn’t show any visual representations, just reference it and try to make a difference.

Most Moderation is done by bots. There’s a good chance it’d get removed because of the word “drug”

Considering that the word “drug” is a filtered word on Roblox, the answer is probably a no.

Adding on to my comment, your game can backfire on some people. There’s people out there who are taught why drugs are bad, but then they get inspired to “try” it to see if what they learn is actually true. This is another reason for why your game will most likely be removed.

You teach a depressed person about why drugs are bad. Since many drugs are known to help relieve depression, this depressed person may now consider doing drugs if they feel like it will help relieve them of their depression.

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Yes, but not because of what above people have said.

Mentioning drugs, in any form (positive or negative) is against ToS. There is a blanket ban on drugs.


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