Is anybody intrested in making a game with me? (Like a group developers)


My name is Xander if you didn’t know and i would like to make a nice looking, nice idea sort of game. I always think to make projects and just make them, but it would be very fun to have a group (friend scripters) that make a game together. So my question is, is anybody intrested in making a game with me? I would hope like 2-3 people, this could be fun.



Yeah I would be interested in something like that. I have like 8 months of scripting experience, and I can script almost anything. My main problem is keeping up motivation, but having a team would help with that. I usually can only do 1-2 hours a day bc of homework and stuff. How much experience do you have, and what type of game would we make?

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I’m not really a good scripter, but i do know the basics of it. And yes thats what i mean its boring to make a game alone but when ur making it with a team its much better and nicer. 1-2 hours is perfect, i got in the weekends when i have no homework or a test to learn or do i got much time. But in the school days i can only go in studio when im done with school/homework it depends. And i have no idea what to make, but we can always come on a idea. My cord is BlueXander#6666


I’m on mobile right now, but I’ll add you after I finish school. Yeah that sounds good.


I would also like to join you guys. I am quite good scripter and I can script almost everything except vehicles. I am also pretty good 3D modeler and builder.


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