Is "Avatar Evolution” still in Beta?

If so, I will need to download custom Studio? And if so can I publish game made with it?

It is (at least I havn’t recieved an update on the official release), also you can’t, it has its own custom filetype, so don’t load/save any files that are meant for your game, it’s just to test and give feedback for the future when it comes out, just like future-is-bright, so no, you can’t upload your game with it.

Ahh… PBR is also WIP? …

Yes, PBR hasn’t been publicly released yet.
No, if you publish your games from Beta Studio, the beta features will not appear in a live game.

You can get Studio Beta (which includes PBR and Avatar Evolution) here. There’s also a devforum thread on the Beta Studio build here.

Strange. I could bet I saw normal maps in work in same games. hmmm

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If im not mistaken, I’m pretty sure they’re just parts/meshes/unions placed there.

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Sure, but the texture feels bumped

We have PBR for existing materials, but no custom materials yet.