Is Bodymover the best?

Hello Developers! I have been a fan of using bodymovers for almost everything related to moving objects. After a long time, I have been noticing a lot of developers out there don’t actually use bodymovers as much as i thought in tasks that might require movement, instead, they either use CFrames(updating the object’s position/cframe) in a loop to acquire their desired smooth movement.
There are some task I feel like are not done using bodymovers which gives me the worries of
"Am I missing something or is there something I dont know about"

Things to have in mind with the video:

  • The shooting system, (the force applied to the ball when it is passed to the goalkeeper or viseversa)
  • The curve and speed the ball obtains when shot.

My question is:

  • Are there other alternatives that are better?
    Considering that is better, avoid as much lag as possible and most updated.
  • Just for curiosity, what do you think was used in making the curves/speed that the ball obtains when shot?