Is creating my own advertisement system allowed?

Hello! I’m currently creating a marketplace where developers can sell or advertise their businesses in an experience. I would like to create an advertisement system with Robux or an in-game currency but I don’t know if it’ll follow Roblox’s ToS. Specifically, the gambling rule.

By purchasing an advertisement, I don’t know if promising views instead of new members/sales would be a way around this. (Using the amount of players currently in game)
If i remember, using an in-game currency instead could help with this but please enlighten me



yep you definitely can

that aint gambling, pls donate is the simplest example


There are tons of examples, Group recruiting plaza, Developer Hub. These games are not only popular but been around for a very long time.

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You can call it “bidding on an advertisement”. It’s not gambling then, is it?