Is dislike in a game normal? will it affect game ratings? my game has many dislikes

I almost sit in front of the computer for 6-9 hours every day just to take care of my games, but what makes me confused is the dislike, I wonder what is wrong with one of my games? everyday i check my game and i don’t see any error in this game, do you guys have any suggestions?and before that my game had a good rating, but after entering the month of july. my game rating dropped drastically, i asked my friends and people who played my game they said nothing was wrong, i would be a little sad if my game rating dropped

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Errors and problems are not a mandatory asset for getting your game disliked, you can be the best scripter in the world but if people simply don’t like how your game is designed for its specific purpose then there is nothing you can do about it other than improve it and take feedback.

When my game got auto disliked I took that dislike number and set it as my new like goal, once I reached that goal it made me feel very satisfied and it kind of boosted my game’s activity.

Other than that, don’t let dislikes discourage you.

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The same thing happens with my game. :frowning: Clock's Difficulty Chart Obby HARD - Roblox
Lately, it’s been getting more dislikes than new likes. But as soon as I enter the game and players see my owner icon, they all write that they like my game very much.

Please support me with a like on my game.

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bots, because a lot of games get botted on my old acc my games got botted with dislikes followers etc

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I will give a like to your game😀

Just remove the dislikes roblox and have likes