Is filter necessary on a webhook?

Hello. In my game I’d like to add a Discord webhook that would let players send suggestions and reports directly to our Discord. I just want to make sure: do I need to apply the text filter to the messages? They are not displayed to anyone else in the game, not saved, not seen by other players, just sent directly to the webhook. Is it fine if I leave this text unfiltered?

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I have the same question. I don’t think it needs any sort of filter, since it’s data that doesn’t show to other players and doesn’t get handled by Roblox after it getting sent. So I think no, but I don’t have any prove that shows I’m right

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Yes, the filter doesn’t just stop people saying swears or whatever else. The filter is also used to stop under 13 users sharing PII, such as phone numbers or addresses. While it might not technically be stated anywhere in the rules, it’s definitely better to not have to deal with any of the issues that handling under 13s’ PII would involve.


Well, that makes sense. Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face: