Is findFirstChild gone?

(Im not sure if this is the right category)
So I’ve been noticing whenever I put down the findFirstChild thing, it says it’s a syntax error. Did Lua remove it? Or did it never exist? I think they could have made it waitForChild, but I’m not an expert. Thanks.

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Did you try PascalCase FindFirstChild?

Well I’m just wondering, but I’ll okay. I just wanted to know if it’s still there.

This belongs to scripting support. And can you show us where the error takes place/script.

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well, it’s not working for me right now, says argument 1 missing or nil, even when’s not.

Did you use the correct capitalization, FindFirstChild

No. Roblox would just prefer that you use TitleCase and write FindFirstChild instead of findFirstChild. The code will still execute with findFirstChild. You can see this easily by running your code.

This is probably the wrong place to ask this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok sorry. I didn’t know whether I should put it there.