Is getting an investor via the devforum now banned?

I was on the popular roblox game Group Recruiting Plaza looking for a investor. I thought I could use the dev-forum, my friend said that getting an investor through the dev-forum was now against the rules.

Is it agaisnt the rules to get investors via the dev-forum now?

Been banned for a while. Please frequent to the Rules page to make sure you don’t miss out on new changes and updates.

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Investors in forum is BANNED and if users does make a post with it, the user will get the post flagged or maybe face consequences, <— (not sure about that one).
Thing is, why investors is banned from forum is that lots of users get scammed out of it.

I checked the matrix and it says ‘Feedback’ meaning they just say ‘hey mate just fyi its a rule now ok we deleted your post kk’ (oversimplification).