Is it a good idea to make ragdolls local

Making things for the game that are crucial in local scripts is something I have always known not to do. But I think this one needs to be discussed here. First off, server-side ragdolls are difficult to control and have a lot of bugs. Plus, on the client, they look very draggy. But client-side fixes all that while opening a major backdoor that allows players to fly.

I did both. I’m using a forked Ragdoll 5.2, which contains a PlatformStand local script that keeps the player platform standing. Problem is, they “die”. What I mean by that is the Died event fires, but the player doesn’t actually die. I just disabled BreakJointsOnDeath.

So, yeah, I don’t have any other issues doing it on the server. Plus, you get an advantage of possibly using it on an NPC as well.