Is it against TOS to add a button in-game to teleport the user to the 17+ version of the game?

We’re working on adding a 17+ version of our game and we’re wondering whether it’d be allowed to add a button in the main (9+ age rating) game that teleports the user to the 17+ version of the game. The button naturally wouldn’t work if you were under 17.


Probably not, also you said the button doesn’t work if you are under 17, so it should be fine, why would it be against the TOS, its kind of the same if people under 17, see a game thats 17+ on the roblox website, and also its just a button, and if you plan making an image next to the button or somewhere just make sure its not too bad for people under 17+

also nowhere in the TOS stands that its against the TOS, so i think you should be fine.

im not 100% sure though…

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Yes but even so, it can be interpreted differently by a parent which is why I’m asking for clarification.