Is it allowed to collect player data and put the data into excel?

Some customer center consent boxes include a “Consent to collection of personal information related data”. My purpose is to view and recover the data in Excel when the player data is gone. Is it possible to insert the “Personal Information Data Collection Consent” box in my game first, and if the player agrees to this, then collect the data and put the data in Excel? Or is this behavior in violation of Roblox’s policy?

I was looking for content related to the GDPR, but it was difficult because I did not understand. We would be grateful if the forum members could help.

(e.x. Google’s data collection consent checkbox)

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even have to ask for the player’s consent to store their information as it’s basically the same as storing their information into a datastore or into Trello. (unless it’s storing personal information, which is not allowed in Roblox’s TOS.)


Wrong reply whoops! Meant to mention the OP.

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You’re allowed to store this information.
Whatever you’re allowed to ask on Roblox is what you’re allowed to store.
Any personal information (location, country, age, family names, family heirlooms, height, etc) you’re not allowed to ask, so you’re also not allowed to store it.

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