Is it better to use client sided hitbox, or serversided (Region3) hitbox?

Hello! I’m making a game where hitboxes are important. And I wonder is it better to use serversided (Region3) hitboxes or Client sided hitboxes

I haven’t tested out serversided hitboxes, but will it be unresponsive? and laggy?
Good thing is that exploiters wouldn’t be able to mess with it.

I currently use clientsided hitboxes, and it’s really smooth and good, but again. It can be easily manipulated by exploiters.

Tell me your opinions on which one should I use!

It depends heavily on what these hitboxes do.

I use it for melee… I’m making a fighting game.

Region3s don’t seem ideal since they can’t be rotated at all, but whatever works best I suppose.

I recommend client-sided but verify on the server that they were close enough and that they were attacking and possibly even facing roughly the correct direction. Most hackers won’t be trying to add a single stud to their hitbox, and even if they did it would still take a degree of skill to get advantage out of it, which is something most hackers won’t have for a given specific game. Latency is crucial in melee, so I would favor this course.

Have the client side send an ‘attack’ event to the server, and have the server then allow for ‘hitboxes’ to be able to collide. Use part.Touched.

Also keep a cooldown (so someone cant spam attack commands) keep this on the server

Ok, here’s how you do it. This is how I do it too.

You make the hitbox detection client-sided. Then when it hits somebody, fire a RemoteEvent to damage them and effects and whatever.

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