Is it fine? To post DevForum topics in the Roblox website?

Hello, I’m Paul, I would just want to clarify if this is fine.
Is posting DevForum topic links also based on the news or topics of events of Roblox in the Roblox Website allowed?
Its also because I’m interested to share topics to non-members that can only be viewed by visitors here in the DevForum.
It would also be appreciated if I could get an answer to this because I’m a little bit concerned in posting DevForum topics(that can only be viewed by visitors) in the Roblox website.

Yes. It is allowed. That is why the links aren’t filtered.

EDIT: I believe it says it somewhere on the website or in the ToS but correct me if I’m wrong. All I know is big games use the DevForum for update logs. #bulletin-board

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You can definitely post topics from here to the main website. There’s reason devforum is a sub domain, therefore is allowed. Bulletin board was kind of meant for that though, for your groups and such.

Actually, its not for the builds, I want to take news based on Roblox events to advertise in my group.

uhhh what builds sorry? If devforum links weren’t allow then it probably wouldn’t even be a subdomain of since it would be considered offsite.

I mean, I want to take Roblox News or Status of a certain event to my group that is posted here in the DevForum.

You mean the ones in #updates? It’s public so anyone can see it.

Actually, I want to support those who dosen’t know the link to the DevForum but are still interested in the news or topic.
That’s why I’m asking if it’s possible to show this types of updates that are posted here in the DevForum to the Roblox website.

If you’re talking about linking a specific topic in #updates then yes you can do that. I don’t see why not.

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Ok, I thank you for the clarification about this.