Is it good to use math over roblox api?

Hi, soo my friend told me that i should use math for some vectors&cframes, i want to ask you if it’s better to use custom functions that makes different operations on vectors&cframes or use build-in api? i saw people replacing roblox things with their own modules for math or part creation, if you know answer below

  • Use roblox api
  • Make your own api
  • Use your api for specific things

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It depends, Roblox API doesn’t have everything. You should always try to find an implementation of something that already exists. Check the API, check here on the devforum, or google it. There’s almost always going to be someone who implemented it better than you could. If you can’t find one anywhere, then write it yourself. And if you don’t think you could implement it yourself, then that’s okay. Try anyway, see how far you get. If you get stuck, that’s what AI is for, describe what you want, and go through trial and error with ChatGPT or whatever you use. Always make sure ChatGPT is commenting its code so you know what it does, and always have it describe the code BEFORE it writes it (This not only helps YOU, as the user, understand the code, but is also a prompting trick helps the AI write better code, too). Remember to NEVER use AI as a magic wand. It is a tool, and should be treated like one. Never expect to type one vague prompt and magically get the best thing ever.

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If it doesn’t exist, create/use your own. If it does in Roblox, use it, unless you need some custom non-existing functionality out of it. Roblox’s math systems are heavily optimized.


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