Is it necessary to have an Environment Designer for my FPS Game?

I was going to list this in Development Discussion, however, I was not sure.

Hello! I’m Tal. I am currently working on an FPS game with my team, Saudade Studios. I had hired an environment designer, however, I now realize; is it necessary? I know PF has realism, but Arsenal doesn’t. Please let me know if it is best to keep my designer or save Robux by letting them go, since it is unnecessary.

The game is kind of like Arsenal, just so you know.

It just depends on how you want your game to look. If you want it to look realstic then yes, hire an environment designer.

I was looking at it being more like Arsenal. Should I have one then?

i never palyed that game, but if you believe you can make the builds yourself then no.

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Okay, thank you! I appreciate the help.