Is it not possible to use ClickablePrompt on a custom ProximityPrompt BillboardGui?

I’m attempting to create a custom BillboardGui that’s able to be clicked in order to trigger the ProximityPrompt it’s connected to. The ProximityPrompt is set to Clickable, and I already have the custom BillboardGui showing up with the prompt.

The issue is, despite having it set up with a similar hierarchy as the default BillboardGui that ProximityPrompts use, it doesn’t trigger when I click it; it only triggers when I press the KeyCode key assigned to the prompt.

I have also just confirmed that even when I copy in the default BillboardGui as the custom one, it still doesn’t register as a triggered prompt when clicked and I still have to resort to using the KeyCode key, so it’s not something to do with the hierarchy.

I can get around this by sending a remote function or event to the server when the client clicks it, but I’m just wondering if there is a way to just use the ProximityPrompt to make the code more clean and streamlined? I’m guessing this is a Roblox bug unless I’m missing something.

Nvm I figured it out, my bad. Didn’t realize there were 2 functions you can use on the local side to fire that signal.

For those that don’t know, use InputHoldBegin ( ) and InputHoldEnd ( ) to fire those events when using custom ProximityPrompt UI.