Is it ok to fire a remote event to the server to notify it of a tween being completed

I want the server to know when the tween on the client has been completed
The issue is that I think this is a very insecure way of doing it.
I haven’t seen any solutions anywhere so far. Is there a better way to do this?
If so please share it!

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Can we have some more information please. It would really depend on the scenario. If your hame was a simulator and every time the tween was completed you get gold, then I wouldn’t trust the client, but in other circumstances you might be able to.

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as @XdJackyboiiXd21 said, it really depends on your situation. If your handling something like teleporting that user, then it’s okay. As long as your not addding cash or giving rewards then you should be fine.

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The only reason the server should need to know if a tween completed is ideally if the client is ready to perform an action.

For example, client presses teleport button, teleport tween animation happens, then client requests to teleport. The server would then validate that the client can teleport, isn’t ratelimited (if you wanted to make sure they can’t spam the event), and is requesting a valid location. Only then would you perform the request.

Without more info, the best information I can give is always assume the client is an exploiter / trying to pass invalid values and validate them. If you have a more specific use case you’d like insight on, ease provide it.

I’m firing the remote event after the camera tweens back to the player. That way the servers can start up the other camera scripts I have. (they cant fire before or during the tween)
here’s the script:

game.ServerStorage.GameValues.CameraToggle.Value = true
game.ReplicatedStorage.Values.CameraToggle.Value = true
for index, plr in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
		game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.TweenCompleted.OnServerEvent:Wait(function(plr)-- The remote event in question




I don’t believe any exploiters could use this maliciously but I wanted to check that’s why I asked
(sorry for the late reply I was eating dinner)