Is it okay to reuse one of your assets on a game?

I heard a tip mentioned like this in another game, where you should keep any assets you have, to reuse it for any future games/commissions. Is it okay or normal to reuse it on multiple games or commissions? I’m assuming not, but I just want to make sure…


For Your own games. It’s fine since You actually own that asset
For commission. Well not so much, it may provoke conflict between customer.


Reusing assets for games is great and I do it quite a bit. Although, for commissions, you’d have to get permission from both people (the person who got the asset and who you want to give the same asset to) to reuse the same asset, and overall I don’t recommend it.

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If you have something you’ve made and not sold, you may be able to re-use it in the project (but I’d still ask the commissioner for their opinion)

If you’ve made something even as simple as a dumpster for another commission, and try reuse it in a new commission, you’re reselling assets you sold exclusive rights to prior and this is wrong.

For personal projects using assets you haven’t sold, use them as many times as you’d like as freely as you’d like - no limitations!

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