Is it okay to upload a decal with other languages?

Hello, I want to upload a decal with “Korean”, but will it pass Roblox’s moderation? Thank you.


Maybe, some pass, and some don’t (some don’t because (of that I read) the roblox don’t translate to see what’s write)

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This highly depends upon what you are uploading, and how it looks towards the Moderators.

What I think.

By what I know, is that it shouldn’t be a problem. But, it depends upon the words used and etc.

If you are unsure you can ask Developer Relations and they’ll be glad to answer your question if you ask them when you send the image. (I would include your username so they can make sure it doesn’t moderate you if they say it’s ok.)

Contact Developer Relations


This is all the feedback I can give you on this, as I hope it goes well for you to be able to upload this.


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Thanks for your information, there wasn’t any bad languages in the decal, so I think it might be ok.

Thanks! I was trying to upload a decal with “Roblox meat” in Korean, and there isn’t any bad words in the decal.

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as long as it doesn’t translate to anything breaking the roblox rules it should be fine.

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